Reporting and Analysis

Gain Knowledge as You Work

MaxTrax 7.0 incorporates analysis into the user experience from the first contact. A dashboard greets you with details on performance and as you work, MaxTrax 7.0 provides filters, sorting and grouping to assist with real-time analysis. Numerous reports are available out-of-the-box to get you up and running fast.

MaxTrax Weld Tracking Software

MaxTrax is a powerful tool that helps you boost efficiency, reduce wasted resources, increase reliability of estimated delivery dates, and promote more effective management of welders. Most importantly, MaxTrax decreases rejection rates, makes scheduling easier, and helps prevent problems—before they occur.

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Introducing MaxTrax 7

MaxTrax™ 7 is a browser-based software solution for weld tracking and Quality Assurance/Quality Control in the process and Power plant construction industry. MaxTrax helps you enforce the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code B31.3 and other codes or quality control standards.